Funds Withdrawal

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, all regulations and conditions attaching to any relevant payments made to you under a bonus or rebate scheme means you may withdraw funds from your account provided that such funds are not being used for margin purposes or have otherwise become owed to us.

Once we receive a withdrawal request we must approve the transaction before we execute. Once approved by us funds will be sent directly to the source from which the funds were debited. (Note: Certain banks and credit card companies may take time to process transactions particularly in currencies where a correspondent bank is involved in the process). You are fully accountable for the payment/bank details that you provide to FxBreeze and FxBreeze accepts no responsibility if you have provided inaccurate or false bank details.

FxBreeze will process withdrawal of initial deposit amount to original source of payment. Any profits accumulated by the client will be sent directly via bank wire transfer, therefore full bank details of client must be provided as a necessity to FxBreeze in order to proceed with withdrawal of profits. No third party bank account/details will be accepted.

If you request a withdrawal from your account and we cannot proceed without closing open positions, we will not comply with the execution until you have closed necessary positions. If your account balance includes a bonus at the time you make a withdrawal request the bonus will be debited from your trading account before execution unless you have met the necessary requirements to benefit from the bonus.

FxBreeze reserves the right to decline a withdrawal request if the request is not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. FxBreeze may delay the execution of the request if not satisfied with documentation provided by the client.